• Using Social Media?

    If you are not using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to market your business, you are missing out on the opportunity to develop strong personal relationships with your customers. Let me show you how to use Social Media effectively for your business to turn these relationships into paying customers.
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  • Convey Your Message

    Once your promotional plan is in place, you need to deliver your message to your customer. Do you need assistance in setting up a subscriber list for your newsletter? Do you need help writing your articles and marketing them to your customer? Do you want to set-up a WordPress blog? Would you like to set-up and promote a teleseminar, book speaking engagements or write a press release? Your Virtual Wizard can help you to decide how best to deliver YOUR message.
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  • Brand Every New Day

    You can hire ANY virtual assistant to implement your business plan but Your Virtual Wizard will help you to evaluate the results of these efforts. It is not enough to simply write a blog post, send out Tweets or create a Facebook Fan Page and let these 'sit' in cyberspace. I can show you how to go beyond 'one way networking'. Your Virtual Wizard can help you to directly market to your customer and assist in building a target client base. Establish yourself as an expert in your industry.
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  • You only pay for time that is used for your custom business needs.
  • You do not incur overhead costs, i.e., desk, chair, computer, heating, general supplies, software, etc.
  • You do not pay for vacations, time-off, health benefits, coffee breaks and downtime.
  • We are available when you are.
  • We use the latest software, hardware and technology.
  • We can save you money: no hiring expenses; no wasted time and expense placing costly help wanted ads or waiting for job bids to be returned.
  • Our references are US-based; from reliable sources.
  • We are ‘green’ and use little or no paper.
  • Unlike overseas, outsourced assistants, we have a vested interest in the success of your company.
  • Our references are US-based; from reliable sources.
  • We speak English.

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    Q: Why hire a Virtual Assistant?

    It is important to understand, first, varying employee-employer and VA-client relationships and how they are different.
    A: The traditional employee is managed and directed by the employer they work for. They are paid a salary with employment taxes deducted by the employer. Work is directed, managed and supervised by the employer.[8] NOT A VA!
    A temp worker is an employee of a staffing agency who goes on-site to employer (customer) premises. They are paid by the staffing agency they work for, while their on-site work and activities are managed, directed and supervised by the employer, who is a customer of the staffing agency.[8] NOT A VA!
    A virtual assistant is an independently contracted business owner, not an employee. They work out of their own offices, manage the work from their clients and how it is carried out, set their own rates, as well as operating standards and policies, and pay their own self-employment taxes.[8] Yes, that’s Your Virtual Wizard!
    Virtual assistants help small businesses expand their business instead of dealing with administration duties. Virtual assistants are cost effective because you only pay them when they work. Since they are independent contractors they are tax deductible.[8] [8] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_Assistant#cite_note-Kim_Beckers_Virtual_Services-7

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